Where to find the Linking Cord in Pokémon Legends: Arceus

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In Pokémon games of the past, there were several ways to evolve Pokémon—and one of those was trading certain Pokémon.

In Pokémon Legends: Arceus, there are still multiple ways to evolve Pokémon, but trading Pokémon is no longer a way to evolve them. That method of evolution has been replaced by the Linking Cord, which evolves Pokémon that in the past would be evolved by simply trading it to another person.

The Linking Cord makes it possible to evolve a Pokémon without having to trade it. Instead of needing a Pokémon to hold it while it levels up, all evolution items have been turned into consumables that are one-time-use items.

Screengrab via Nintendo/Pokémon Company

Finding the Linking Cord is quite simple, but it will require the use of Merit Points, which are gained when trainers return items to the trainer that lost their satchel from blacking out. The amount of Merit Points gained from each satchel recovery is random, but players are rewarded with roughly 50 to 100 Merit Points for each.

This means that while finding the Linking Cord is quite easy, purchasing it will take a little more time and will require players to go looking for satchels other players have left behind. To buy the Linking Cord, you’ll need 1,000 MP for each Pokémon you wish to evolve with one.

Screengrab via Nintendo/Pokémon Company

The NPC who sells the Linking Cord runs the craft shop in town. She’ll sell you a variety of items for MP, many of which are evolution items.

The only other way to find the Linking Cord is to run through Space-time Distortions. The item will be laying on the ground in the area if you’re lucky.

For now, these are the only two ways to find the Linking Cord. Other ways to find it will be included in this guide as more information becomes available.


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