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UUI Internet offers DSL and RBB WiFi service in many of our service areas (Kongiganak is Fiber). For the service available in your location, please see our Location, Availability and Plan chart. 

Our Commitment to an Open Internet
As a provider of internet services in rural Alaska, UUI has always been committed to an open internet that gives our customers the freedom to be in charge of their online experience. An open internet means that we do not block, prevent or otherwise impair our customers’ freedom to direct their own online activity. This is a commitment that we stand by unequivocally. And that will not change.

Emergency Broadband Benefit Program offers a temporary discount to eligible consumers – get more information here




United Utilities and United-KUC have been providing quality telephone services to customers in the YK Delta for over 35 years. Yukon Telephone has been providing telephone service since 1960, when the Eller family brought phone service to Tanana, making it one of the first villages to offer local phone service. 

Coming in October 2021: Alaska Changes to 10-Digit Dialing. Visit the RCA Website for more information.

Starting this October, the FCC has mandated all phone calls will require dialing the full 10-digit phone number, including area code. This means all Alaskans, regardless of their service provider, will need to dial 907 before 7-digit phone numbers even when making a local phone call. Beginning April 24, phone calls can be made using full 10-digit phone numbers. After April 24, but before October, is a great time to reprogram any call forwarding or local phone features to lead with 907, and for businesses to make any needed changes to their phone systems.


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