The Really Quite Good Guide to Negotiate Your Comcast Xfinity

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Cable companies are in a constant battle against the consumer to raise your monthly bill since you are here this has probably happened to you as it did to me. How can we stop them? Read this guide and you will have the upper hand in negotiating and saving money with any cable company including Comcast Xfinity. Negotiate your Comcast bill, it’s the best way to save money.

I made the full switch from having cable and the internet to what many simply call “cutting the cord”. The switch took some getting used to as an avid sports fan, but surprisingly Comcast who is the local provider in my area offered a package that fit me pretty well.

Comcast offered their Internet Blast package which includes internet, a few local stations, and HBO all at $39.99 per month for the first 12 months, $59.99 for months 12-18, and $69.99 after that for the full regular price.

As you may have put together I started to get the regular price bill from Comcast recently, which for the frugal minded money saving shopper like Even Steven Money, I was not having it. 

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Save Money with Comcast Xfinity an Online Chat Fail

So I immediately took action and did what most internet bloggers would do and started an online chat with customer service.

First I played dumb and asked to explain why my bill had risen to such a high rate, increasing by almost $30 per month from the introductory rate. After some explanation of the increase, I asked if there were any current offers and promotions available to lower my bill.  

To my surprise, the online service rep offered a completely different package including cable for $64.99. I let them know I was not interested in cable or paying the same rate and asked if there were any other offers available.

The online service rep suggested I call the customer service to see if more offers were available. My suggestion is to skip the online rep entirely. 

Still a little worried about picking up the phone to negotiate your Comcast bill?

Well according to Consumer Reports, the probability of saving money is 46%. This alone should make you pick up the phone.  Don’t be worried, call Comcast and follow the steps below.

The Really Quite Good Guide to Negotiate Your Comcast Bill

  1. Call 1-800 XFINITY 1-800-934-6489
  2. When prompted speak “Discontinue Service”, other Comcast 800 numbers it is option 4

This will take you to the Comcast Customer Retention Specialist and the individual with the power to lower your bill and whose sole responsibility is to keep you as a customer.

  1.  Let them know you are calling to cancel your service

Keep it simple, you are calling to cancel and they are answering to convince you otherwise.

  1.  Start with the competition

AT&T is the competition for Comcast and that’s exactly who I mentioned. They have similar packages at similar prices, which is why they are great to bring up. I suggest researching the competition before you call, for example, I had the AT&T website in front of me when I called.  

I made sure to bring up a few key points: Price, Saving Money and receiving Similar Options to the competition. Save any other specific issues you have faced for the rebuttal, this can be used as a negotiating tactic.

Let’s laugh all the way to the bank and save some money!!!

Conversation Example on how to Save Money with Comcast

First let’s start with the conversation I had with the Comcast service rep, not word for word, but almost identical.

  • Comcast:  Can you explain the reason you want to cancel your service?
  • Me: I see that AT&T is offering the same plan and in some cases even better for $49.99, which is less than I currently pay.
  • Comcast: OK. Well AT&T doesn’t offer the same speed internet and world class Comcast Xfinity service, but I can look to see what kind of package we may be able to offer you.
  • Me: I would be willing to listen.
  • Comcast: OK, I see we have an offer for you that will give you the same package plus higher-speed internet at $49.99 for 12 months.
  • Me: I think this could work for me however, AT&T offers Amazon Prime free for an entire year which is a $100 value, which is a better offer than Comcast.
  • Comcast: Let me check to see what we can do, please hold for a moment……..Well, Mr. Even Steven Money, we can offer you Streampix usually a $4.99 month, free of charge.  Would you like to do this?
  • Me: I already have Netflix, I don’t need Streampix.
  • Comcast:  We do have a Sports package available for $4.99, that we can include free of charge.  Would you like to do this?
  • Me: Yes I would like to stay with Comcast with the entire package you mentioned.
  • Thoughts in my Head:  Yes, Oh Yes!!!! I love sports how did you know, can you read my mind or something, this is great!!!!

Negotiate Your Comcast Bill Summary

BEFORE: $69.99-Internet at 25 mbps, Local Channels, HBO

AFTER:   $49.99-Internet at 75 mbps, Local Channels, HBO, Streampix, & Sports Package

As a result, I saved $20/month, $240/year, which is a 28.57% decrease. It pays to give Comcast a call and negotiate your Comcast bill.  In fact, I should have done it sooner. Therefore, I would suggest calling 1-2 months before the increase will occur to avoid any increase in your bill.

Plans and prices may have changed but the results are still the same.

By making a simple phone call and following the script and key points above, you now have the secret sauce to lower your Comcast Cable and Internet bill. 

As a bonus just for my subscribers, I created a PDF that includes the “4 steps to negotiate your Comcast bill” and my “Example Script” on what to say to the Comcast rep.

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What about Cutting Cable?

I’m always looking for ways to save money, it’s one of the reasons I share my personal experiences here at my blog.  That’s also why when I came across Jeremy Edmonds, a financial wellness coach, Cable Cutting Academy course.

I knew it would be a great alternative for those who were simply fed up with Comcast‍️ and wanted someone to guide them through the process.  You wish it was just simple to cut your cable, save money, and still get your favorite programs!  That’s what the self paced online course is all about.

You came here looking for ways to reduce your internet and cable bill.  Why not work with someone who wants to show you step by step how it’s done?!

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