Security Integration

Secure Your Property. Secure Your Business.Let’s face it, your business is your livelihood. It’s what fuels your passions and success, and by ensuring the safety of you, your property, and your employees, you ensure the likelihood of a thriving enterprise. Take control of your company by installing premium burglary, fire alarm, access control, and video systems for every facet of your business location(s). Have trained personnel and quality dispatchers monitor your commercial location(s) to ensure its security whether you’re near or far. Don’t risk the safety of your crew or property—fight back with Texas Network Cabling.


Burglary SystemsKeep your business and valuables secure with our state-of-the-art burglary systems. With computerized control panels and customizable system integration, protecting your place of business is easier than ever.


Fire Alarm SystemsA fire can spread beyond control in just 30 seconds. This is why utilizing top-of-the-line fire protection products can be vital to protecting your commercial property. Featured with an automatic Fire Department response system, our premium alarm systems are designed to detect the early stages of a fire to allow maximum evacuation time and limited damages.


Camera & Video Systems With our advanced video systems, have peace of mind that your property will be surveillanced night and day to further protect your business. Whether it’s indoors or outdoors, feel rest assured you’ll be aware of all unwanted visitors.

Remote Access

Small Business Remote AccessWhat if you could control your small business security system from anywhere in the world? If you are in the market for a business security system, you may have heard about remote access features available in this day and age. At Texas Network Cabling, we offer a wide array of remote access features for your security system including optional automation components – all of which give you control of your system in the palm of your hand from a smart phone or any other web enabled device.


We Specialize In:• Arm and disarm your system from anywhere
• Check the status of your business
• Adjust the temperature in your business and even the lights
• Control the locks on your doors
• See what’s going on in your establishment with live video
• Create alerts that are sent to you when an event occurs
• All managed through an app on your web enabled device

Wireless Services

WIRELESS SERVICESAt Texas Network Cabling, we understand how critical fully functioning wireless and wired networks are to your business operations. Choosing the right company to upgrade or design a network is an important decision. To ensure that your network infrastructure is always performing at its peak level, we offer comprehensive design and installation of network systems, as well as networking and wireless technical support. We specialize in design and installation of large and small scale wired and wireless infrastructure projects. Texas Network Cabling is a leading system integration company delivering businesses of all industries with first class voice, data, video, POS, and wireless technology solutions. We specialize in the design and installation of custom structured network cabling, wireless site surveys and installations, and wireless infrastructure for both small-scale and large-scale projects.


Wireless Site Surveys Wireless site surveys are of considerable importance to wireless network design and deployment for both new and existing networks. It is important to survey the site properly during upgrades and new builds. Texas Network Cabling Wireless professionals use the latest industry tools and techniques to carefully map the radio frequency characteristics throughout the intended network site. This process provides customers with highly detailed documentation of all survey findings prior to beginning the network design phase, identifying and solving potential problems.

Security Access Control

Security Access ControlSecurity doesn’t eliminate threats but with the right assessment, design and professional installation you can dramatically deter and prevent potential problems from happening. Texas Network Cabling consultants work directly with the client to create an access control system that is necessary based on the circumstances of the environment. We work to give you the freedom and ease to give staff and visitors the appropriate security clearance.


We Specialize In: • IP
• Analog
• Wireless Integration
• Indoor / Outdoor Installations
• Video Transmission Specific
• Digital and Network Video Recording
• Camera and Housing Specific Applications

Audio Visual Technology

Audio Visual TechnologyDesign and Integration of AV technology is prevalent in today’s environment. Texas Network Cabling installs AV components for residential and commercial clients in various markets. We routinely work with AV consultants to implement state of the art systems for diverse client spaces.



We Specialize In: • Conference Room Integration
• Large Display Solutions (video walls)
• Flat Screen Display (FSD) Mounting
• Interactive Whiteboards
• Room Scheduling
• AV Hardware Setup and Training

Network Structured Cabling

Network Structured CablingPrecise Business Solutions provides a platform for an overall Information Technology System strategy. With a flexible structured cabling system in your office or building it can support multiple Voice and Network systems regardless of their manufacturer. A structured cabling system can serve as a valuable long term solution with regular maintenance and only minimal upgrades.


We Specialize In:• Network Cabling: Cat 5, 5e, 6, 6a
• Fiber Optic Cabling
• Voice & PBX Installation
• Wireless
• Data Centers and Call Systems
• Paging Systems
• Coax