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This could be long because I am writing a lot to explain my situation. Recently, I purchased an entire gaming setup with money saved from work. I’ve finally got past all my audio issues because it was my first time ever using an XLR Mic (Audio Technica at2035) and a preamp (GoXLR Mini). And now after everything is done I would just like to play some Rust or Warzone with the boys on a Tuesday evening . But, through the morning till about 10pm.. my internet is unusable. Internet speeds were showing 0.18mbps trying it’s best(this issue has been occurring since I received the router, which was before the computer). On Discord my voice cuts out, my games lag, the audio lags, and I’m just so frustrated this is the only thing keeping me back. I’ve tried time and again rebooting my network card, updating drivers, restarting/updating pc, unplugging/replugging router, and now I’m thinking about upgrading the cat5e to a cat6. I’m genuinely desperate to fix my internet speeds. Does anyone know what could be happening?

(Also my network congestion shouldn’t be that bad. We have a TV that is used sometimes (not while gaming), and about 2 phones and one of them is mine and I turn off my Wi-Fi. I live in a suburban neighborhood. Also My Router is right next to my computer in the same room)


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